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The first and only call you should make is to the Miami hurricane property damage lawyers at Perkins Law Offices. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Call us now at 855-741-LAWS (5297). 

Reasons why you should call a Hurricane Damage Lawyer first.

1. The insurance company will try to pay you less than your claim is worth.
An experienced hurricane damage lawyer at Perkins Law Offices will deal directly with the insurance company for you and knows their tactics to avoid payment. Insurance companies are designed to make money by collecting premiums and not paying out on claims when a hurricane comes through Florida and destroys homes and businesses. Insurance companies will send out their own inspectors, adjusters, engineers and lawyers to come up with excuses for not paying your full damages or denying payment all together by saying the home damage is not covered.

2. To help you properly understand and comply with the insurance contract and to fill out the necessary paperwork.
The insurance companies are always looking for an excuse not to pay their insureds who they sold policies to. Your insurance policy requires you to follow certain steps in order to collect payment. If you don’t adhere to exactly what the insurance policy requires as far as paperwork and deadlines, the property insurance company can deny any you any payment. Our property damage hurricane lawyers will fill out the paperwork, supply the necessary documentation and will track and ensure all deadlines are met.

3. To make sure your losses and damages are properly and fully documented.
Perkins Law Offices’ hurricane damage lawyers have a team of loss consultants, water and mold mitigation and remediation companies, appraisers, public adjusters and engineers that will go to your home or business to assess your losses and to mitigate the damage on an emergency basis. Our team will find hidden or non-obvious damage the insurance company will not see or document.

Homeowners and business owners pay premiums for property damage insurance in the event of structural damage resulting from fire, water, smoke, lightning, flood or wind storms. When a hurricane, windstorm, fire, or water leak or damage occurs, many people think that their trusted insurance company will take care of them. Often, however, insurance companies try to avoid paying benefits out to their policy holders, focusing on protecting their bottom line instead of their insureds. Insurance companies often deny claims from property owners who do not have a Miami hurricane property damage lawyer for a variety of reasons, including non-disclosure, failure to follow policy requirements, loss outside the scope of coverage, or cancellation of policy. Some even go so far as to accuse property owners of fraud!

If you’ve been denied coverage after incurring hurricane property damage, or if your insurance company refused to compensate you fully, an experienced Miami hurricane property damage attorney can help you obtain the benefits you have paid for. Miami hurricane property damage lawyer Alexander Perkins can help you obtain reimbursement for hurricane-related damage to your property that the insurance carrier will not pay to the property owner directly.

The lawyers at Perkins Law Offices, P.A. understand the tricks that insurance companies use to avoid reimbursing their policyholders. Our dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable hurricane property damage lawyers can provide you the representation you need to obtain the benefits you paid for your South Florida properties. Call a Miami hurricane property damage lawyer at Perkins Law Offices at (855) 741-5297 or email perkins@accidentinjurylawyermiami.com.

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