Negligent Security Personal Injury Lawyer.

Florida law places a duty on property owners and occupiers of land, such as businesses leasing a property, to exercise reasonable care to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. This holds true in cases of slip and falls on a property but also for injuries caused on a property due to foreseeable criminal activity. In Miami and other South Florida cities, injuries caused during the commission of a crime due to lack of security happen daily. Criminals look for soft targets where there are no security measures it making it easier to get away with and decreasing their chances of being caught. The police may be able to bring some of these criminals to justice to answer for their illegal activity, but that does account for the damages to the injured, raped or murdered victim whose misfortune could likely have been prevented by the landowner or business operator. This is where a Miami negligent security personal injury lawyer can help you or a loved to make recovery to help pay for medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering.

If you or someone you know have been injured due to negligent security on a property, you will need to retain a personal injury lawyer with experience in negligent security injury cases. Negligent security personal injury cases are a different type of injury case than your run of the mill car crash or slip and fall. Therefore you will want to retain a lawyer familiar with negligent security law. Negligent security personal injury cases require special proof to hold the landowner negligent and the proximate cause of the injury. When you or a loved one is harmed at an apartment complex, shopping center, bank, hotel, sporting event, bar or restaurant as a result of criminal act by a third party, the land owner or the entity in control of the properly may be responsible for paying for your damages.

The property owner or business can be held legally responsible for damages for a negligent security injury if it can be shown they created or contributed to the dangerous environment. Sometimes it is the landowner’ own negligence in providing an inviting opportunity for crime to occur that creates the danger. Criminals will prey on its business invitees that and can be determined as the cause of the criminal activity. Thus security ought to have been provided. For example the owners of a bar that attracts large crowds of drunken people should know to provide for bouncers and security guards because it is foreseeable incidents will occur arising out of the operation of the bar. The bar owner may be held civilly liable for failing to have proper security. Negligent Security Personal Injury Lawyer.

This is especially true when it is foreseeable that the type of harmful or criminal activity was known to occur at the location with some frequency and the landowner failed to provide adequate security measures. Think of a bank ATM that had no lights or cameras in the immediate area, or of a gated apartment complex in a high crime area that failed to close the gates and have a security guard leading to frequent sexual assaults and robberies. Perpetrators are more likely to target unsuspecting victims in place where they believe hey are less likely to be seen by witnesses, cameras and the police. Miami is rife with crime and negligent landowners and business establishments that allow for these conditions to exist. An experienced Miami negligent security personal injury lawyer will investigate the circumstances of the incident to determine if the necessary elements of negligent security exist. The negligent security personal injury lawyer must show that the criminal attack or conduct was reasonably foreseeable, and thereby preventable, had there been adequate security measures. The main things the personal injury lawyer needs to make this showing are a history of criminal activity, inadequate lighting, broken or unlocked gates, fences, door or windows, lack of security guards or other personnel, unmonitored points of ingress and egress, no surveillance cameras or alarms, lack of safety measures and procedures.

One of the ways to show a history of criminal activity are crime grids and police call and dispatch reports. The negligent security personal injury lawyer can obtain these records from law enforcement agencies. For example, if the incident occurred in the City of Miami, the personal injury lawyer can contact Miami Metro or Miami-Dade police department to obtain the crime grid for a particular radius or area. Based on the crime grid the personal injury lawyer can analyze the number of reported crimes or calls to police. From there, the specific police reports can be ordered to find out more particulars to see if the incidents were substantially similar. If the personal injury lawyer can show the landowner or business was on notice of the similar crimes that were occurring and did nothing to deter or prevent crime, while still inviting business patrons or customers to the premises, the case is strong. Miami personal injury lawyer Alexander J. Perkins of Perkins Law Offices has the know-how and drive to successfully handle your negligent security personal injury or death case whether in Miami, Coral Gables, Key West, Naples, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Orlando or anywhere else in Florida. Get your free consultation today. Call 305-741-5297. Se habalamos espanol. REAL LAWYERS REAL CASES. Negligent Security Personal Injury Lawyer.