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Attorney Alexander J. Perkins, your Miami slip and fall lawyer.

MIAMI SLIP AND FALL LAWYERThis month Perkins Law Offices’ Miami slip and fall lawyers settled another slip and fall lawsuit against Winn Dixie for a confidential six figure amount. A 22 year old woman with no prior injuries or fall history slipped and fell on a smashed grape and grape juice in the produce section at the Miami Gardens store location. The young lady fell awkwardly to the ground, tearing her meniscus. Unfortunately for the young lady she did not have any health insurance and she could not get a surgeon to operate on her without health insurance or payment in advance. Of course, the grocery store that failed to detect and correct the dangerous condition of the dirty floor, did not offer to pay for her medical bills. Upset and frustrated with the system, the injured young lady reached out to Alex Perkins, a Miami slip and fall Lawyer for help. Mr. Perkins assisted her in finding an orthopedic surgeon who would do the surgery on a letter of protection and he filed a lawsuit after attempts to resolve the claim pre-suit failed.

Miami slip and fall lawyer Alex Perkins was not intimidated by the giant grocery store chain. Mr. Perkins was familiar with Winn Dixie’s defense strategies and policies and procedures because he had settled another six figure trip and fall case against Winn Dixie just months before. That case arose out of a unlevel floor condition during the renovation of the Coral Way store just off Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. As expected, in this case Winn Dixie denied fault for the grape being on the ground. claiming they did not have notice of the condition. However, Mr. Perkins, a seasoned Miami slip and fall lawyer, immediately demanded the security video tapes from the store that day. Winn Dixie objected to producing the tapes. Mr. Perkins went to court where the Judge finally ordered Winn Dixie to the produce security footage tape. Despite the prevalence of security cameras in most business in this day and age, in litigation, typically companies claim the footage was not saved, was taped over, did not depict the accident or was not functioning properly. In this case, the store did save a portion of the tape from that day because the claim was reported immediately after it occurred and an incident report was taken. Mr. Perkins obtained the shortened tape after filing a motion which showed the young lady walking normally and then the sudden slip and fall. However, Winn Dixie still denied fault. They claimed children playing in the produce section minutes before caused the grape to fall and that there was not adequate time to clean it up. Mr. Perkins, being a seasoned Miami slip and fall lawyer, watched the security tape in full over and over again. He noticed that the children never touched the grapes and that more importantly that 2 other shoppers nearly slipped and fell in the same exact spot an hour earlier. Winn Dixie employees walked by that spot over and over again not bothering to clean it up. Mr. Perkins experience in knowing what to argue as a Miami slip and fall lawyer culminated in the six figure settlement just before trial deadlines.

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