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boating accident lawyer Miami Fl

Contact a Florida Boating Accident Attorney if you are injured on or by a boat or pleasure craft while in an ocean, river, bay, lake or any other type of navigable waterway or body of water. Perkins Law Offices is an experienced Boating Accident law firm, which is why we understand that most likely these cases will be governed by special laws called Maritime and Admiralty.  Under maritime law, ship owners and operators have a duty of reasonable care to all passengers and seamen. In the event of an injury or accident in Florida, a passenger may be able to bring an injury claim against the ship owner or captain depending on the circumstances by contacting a Florida Boating Accident Attorney. Maritime and Admiralty law is complex and can be quite different than laws governing the same injury had it occurred on land.  Therefore your lawyer needs to be well versed in the nuances of the laws that govern accidents on the water. Attorney Alex Perkins has extensive experience in handling boating and cruise ship injury cases.  Cruising the waterways at night is very dangerous as  running lights on boats and piers can be difficult to see. Mr. Perkins often known as a Florida Boating Accident Attorney has resolved several cases involving boat collisions, in particular boat crashes that occur at night and involve alcoholic beverages.  In a 2009 tragic case in Monroe County, Mr. Perkins achieved a $700,000 result for a woman who sustained a fractured hip and wrist in a terrible boat collision that also took another boaters life.   Mr. Perkins’ client was on a a boat with friends on the way to dinner at a popular Florida Keys restaurant when they were struck by a fishing boat retuning to shore.   Mr Perkins has also handled numerous cruise ship injury cases in Federal Court including a crew member on passenger rape that yielded over $1,700,000 for the victim.Florida Boating Accident Attorney.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a boating accident contact Perkins Law Offices at of call for a free confidential case review at 305-741-LAWS(5297).