Miami Construction Site and Workzone Accidents

The construction industry that build our buildings, homes and highways, try to work quickly to make deadlines and earn as much profit as possible.  This can lead to using unskilled labor and cutting corners. These mistakes can hurt people.  In Florida the booming construction projects that continually change our skyline and routes to work, are challenged by weather conditions, requirements for hurricane protection, people with disabilities and construction materials new to the industry. Faulty designs and engineering do happen resulting in hidden perils that may not come to light for years to come.  During the building phase it is crucial for the developers to adhere to the design plans and specifications and to hire qualified sub-contractors.  Danger and instability can arise from pooling rain water on roofs, balconies, or roads; flooded foundations, cracked slabs, sub-standard materials, mold or termite infestations; dangerous machinery, lack of safety equipment, poor signage and lighting, uneven lanes, improper barriers, etc.  All of these things endanger our safety. Some the most deadly construction related injuries happen during the active construction phase, as we have seen time and time again such as when the Miami-Dade College campus parking garage collapsed during its construction in 2012, killing and injuring several workers or when a highway has temporary travel lanes causing motorists to be confused and run off the road.  Over time the construction and design flaws can be made worse without proper maintenance and inspection.  If you have been seriously injured due to a construction site or work zone accident, we can help.  Email us at or call at 305-741-LAWS (5297) or 855-741-LAWS, for a free and confidential consultation  from our skilled lawyers at Perkins Law Offices.