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Are you a water restoration company, water remediation company, plumber, roofer or contractor who has an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) from the policy holder / homeowner and the insurance company refuses to pay your invoice? You are not alone. The insurance companies purposely ignore and deny AOB claims to save money hoping the contractor / water restoration company will take pennies on the dollar or just give up. In fact, the property insurance companies like Citizens Property Insurance Company, Tower Hill Select, State Farm, Universal, Homeowner’s Choice, People’s Trust Insurance Company, etc. falsely claim water restoration companies are all frauds that falsify their invoices. The insurance companies are lobbying the Florida legislature to change the law on assignments of Benefits (AOB). But now there here is something you and your water restoration, plumbing, roofing or contracting company can do to get your AOB invoices paid by the carrier. Call the Miami Florida AOB lawyers at Perkins Law Offices. Our Miami Florida AOB lawyers will get you paid, often full invoice amounts if the bills are reasonable and supportable with logs and photos. Our Miami Florida AOB lawyers will file suit immediately to get the process started.The Miami AOB lawyers at Perkins Law Offices will also make sure the language of your Assignment of Benefits AOB that your company uses is written properly to ensure it is valid.

Florida insurance companies are always trying to deny or short pay AOB claims. Attorney Alex Perkins and his team of Miami Florida AOB lawyers are laser focused on representing their clients and getting invoices paid in full by utilizing experience, aggressiveness and strategic litigation tactics and resources. Perkins Law Offices’ Miami Florida AOB lawyers who take on insurance companies everyday and have 40 years of insurance law experience. Perkins Law Offices’ AOB lawyers try to keep the carrier’s honest. Don’t go at it alone, waiting for the carriers to make an offer or taking only a fraction of what the claim or invoice is worth.  The Miami Florida AOB lawyers from Perkins Law Offices will file a lawsuit and negotiate with the insurance company. If they don’t pay right away, our statutory attorney fees and costs claim will only increase and the carrier risks even more.  We know the AOB law in Florida and all of the tricks and bogus arguments that the insurance adjusters and defense lawyers try get away with, from claiming the assignment is invalid to peer reviews of the invoice coming up with a fraction of what you are owed. As Miami Florida AOB lawyers, we have heard all of the excuses for denied insurance claims.

What exactly is an AOB? Water restoration companies, plumbers and other contractors can receive an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) from the policy holder/homeowner to legally obtain their rights pursue payment directly from the insurance company. Consent from the insurance company is not required as many insurance companies would try to have you believe. Insurance companies employ all sorts of tactics and false legal arguments hoping the contractors will accept pennies on the dollar or will just give up in pursuing payment on their invoice. They will claim the AOB was invalid, that the water restoration company has no standing, that there is no insurable interest, that there is no coverage or that the bill is inflated. Don’t sell your water remediation company, roofing or plumbing company short. Hire the Miami AOB lawyers Perkins Law Offices to deal with the adjuster and the insurance company lawyers.

Our Miami Florida AOB lawyers are well versed in assignment law in Florida. It is longstanding Florida law that a policy holder has the legal right to assign benefits owed to them under an insurance policy to a contractor such as a  water remediation company, plumber, roofer  general contractor after a water, wind or fire loss occurs on their property. The insurance company cannot require the policy holder to obtain its consent or permission before doing so. The insurance policy contract is freely assignable post loss. Policy holders assign their rights in order to ensure prompt services are performed, in order to mitigate their damages and for the convenience of not having to deal with the insurance company directly. This post loss right to assign benefits and rights under the insurance policy has existed in Florida law since the 1900’s when the the Florida Supreme Court ruled  “that the provision in a policy relative to the consent of the insurer to the transfer of an interest therein does not apply to an assignment after loss.” West Florida Grocery v. Teutonia Fire Ins. Co.  However, insurance companies and their adjusters and lawyers will deny what the law actually is and will try to claim or interpret it differently. This is why it is important to have a Miami Florida AOB lawyer. A contractor, water restoration company, or plumber has the same right to receive payment and bring suit as did the homeowner who assigned those rights in the assignment of benefits (AOB). An Assignment of Benefits assigns the homeowner’s right to receive payment for work that a contractor performed and the right to sue the carrier if it fails to pay out the benefits. This holds true even if the policy contains a “anti-assignment” clause or “consent clause”. The Assignment of Benefits (AOB) does not assign the insurance policy itself to a contractor, merely the right to receive payment for the work that contractor performed. Many homeowners cannot afford or hire a contractor immediately following a water, fire, or wind loss to their home which is why an assignment of benefits ensures that a contractor will come mitigate the damages and ideally receive full payment from the carrier directly.  Of Course any and all duties  under of the policy holder are also assigned and apply to the contractor. These laws and arguments are tested daily in every case by the insurance companies which is why it is important to have a Miami Florida AOB lawyer on the case. Call the Miami Florida AOB lawyers at Perkins Law offices  and get your invoice paid. Call Perkins Law Offices at 305-741-5297.

Let the Miami Florida AOB lawyers from Perkins Law Offices fight for you and get your invoice paid. Don’t settle for less. We handle cases throughout the state of Florida. Call Miami Florida AOB lawyer Alex Perkins at 305-741-5297 or email