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Call miami cruise ship injury lawyer now at (305) 741-LAWS (5297). Personal injury is an area of law where a claim or lawsuit is brought on behalf of someone who sustains an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury or damage to a person’s property.  A personal injury lawsuit is type of civil matter called a tort. This means that there is no jail time is at stake, but rather the lawsuit is about money. A personal injury can happen many different ways. Most commonly a personal injury claim occurs when someone is hurt because of someone else’s negligence. But sometimes the personal injury can happen as a result of an intentional act, such as a physical assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress or defamation.  A person or a company can be found to be liable for a personal injury, thus requiring them to pay compensatory damages, and in some cases punitive damages. Punitive damages are additional penalties for especially dangerous conduct that shows a conscious disregard for the someone’s life or safety. miami cruise ship injury lawyer

An experienced hurricane damage lawyer at Perkins Law Offices will deal directly with the insurance company for you and knows their tactics to avoid payment. Insurance companies are designed to make money by collecting premiums and not paying out on claims when a hurricane comes through Florida and destroys homes and businesses. Insurance companies will send out their own inspectors, adjusters, engineers and lawyers to come up with excuses for not paying your full damages Read More

Florida’s state highway system is made up of close to 50,000 miles of interstates, turnpikes and roads. Cars and motorcycles must share these roads with trucks of all shapes, sizes, and configurations, putting motorists at risk for deadly truck accidents and other personal injuries. Our experienced Miami Florida trucking accident lawyers have seen personal injuries and wrongful deaths involving tractor trailer trucks for many types of reasons, such as the truck drivers inability Read More

Are you a water restoration company, water remediation company, plumber, roofer or contractor who has an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) from the policy holder / homeowner and the insurance company refuses to pay your invoice? You are not alone. The insurance companies purposely ignore and deny AOB claims to save money hoping the contractor / water restoration company will take pennies on the dollar or just give up. In fact, the property insurance companies  Read More

miami cruise ship injury lawyer. Vehicle accidents are the most common type of personal injury and wrongful death cases in Florida.  They are usually caused by someone being negligent or reckless behind the wheel. Common allegations we see are improper lane changes, careless driving, reckless driving, failing to keep a proper lookout, driving too fast for conditions, failing to perceive hazards, disobeying traffic signals and laws and driving under the influence.  Read More

Florida law places a duty on property owners and occupiers of land, such as businesses leasing a property, to exercise reasonable care to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. This holds true in cases of slip and falls on a property but also for injuries caused on a property due to foreseeable criminal activity. In Miami and other South Florida cities, injuries caused during the commission of a crime due to lack of security happen daily. Read More

Miami Florida Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyers. Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating. Unfortunately it is also a dangerous hobby or mode of transportation in Florida. Our Miami Florida Motorcycle accident personal injury lawyers have learned from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration that in 2014, motorcyclists were 27 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled, and almost five times  Read More

miami cruise ship injury lawyer. Perkins Law Offices is a full service law firm that offers its clients experience with Real Estate litigation matters and the brokering and negotiating of deals. The firm will handle Real Estate cases such as contract disputes, commercial leasing matters, property damage, homeowner and policyholder insurance claims and can guide its clientele through Real Estate transactions and disputes. Most recently, Perkins Law Offices successfully defended a commercial property Read More

Miami Slip & Fall Lawyer. Slip and fall’s and trip and fall’s on someone else’s property that result in serious injury are called premises liability cases. A property owner or person or entity in control of the property may be held financially responsible for those injuries occurring on the property that are due to a dangerous condition.  The key issue that a Miami slip and fall lawyer is looking to prove is that the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition  Read More

Miami Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer & Miami Wrongful Death Attorney. We understand that no amount of money can replace a parent or child. Often, the surviving family members are too preoccupied with grief to contemplate lawsuits against possible at-fault parties, and rightly so. At Perkins Law Offices, we confidentially counsel families about their rights and potential causes of action if your loved one is killed because of the wrongful conduct of another person or corporate entity. Read More

Cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Carnival Corporation and Norwegian Cruise Lines are headquartered in Miami, Florida. Most passengers do not realize that the cruise ticket they buy from those big companies is a contract for carriage. The fine print in ticket contract governs where the passenger can bring a lawsuit, called a venue provision. Most lawsuits against the Cruise lines are required to be brought in Federal District Court  Read More

Workzone Accidents

miami cruise ship injury lawyerCoconut grove injury lawyer.  The construction industry that build our buildings, homes and highways, try to work quickly to make deadlines and earn as much profit as possible.  This can lead to using unskilled labor and cutting corners. These mistakes can hurt people.  In Florida the booming construction projects that continually change our skyline and routes to work, are challenged by weather conditions, requirements for hurricane protection, people with disabilities and construction materials new to the industry. Faulty designs and engineering do happen resulting in hidden perils that may not come to light for years to come.   Read More

Sometimes the medicines and medical devices intended to help people and prolong our lives, wind up doing more harm than good. Manufacturing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment is big business. Billions of dollars are at play in these industries, therefore sometimes corporations put profits over safety. This is precisely what happened in December 2006 to a young man with muscular dystrophy when his ventilator malfunctioned due to a design and maintenance defect resulting in his untimely death Read More

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